Catalog product view ignore category

catalog product view ignore category

I don't think there is a native way of doing it. But you can easily make a quick module arbitrarily show a collection of products based on criteria such as Category $_productCollection = Mage::getModel(' catalog / product ').
These controls are all-or-nothing though: show all subcategories on the category pages, if a product category and on the shop page Where $args[' exclude '] is set to a comma-delimited list of category ids to exclude.
Product URL issue with setting "Use Categories Path for Product URLs" set .. many urls are set only on the global store view 0 and these get ignored. site. com/ catalog / product / view product -url-key/ category..

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Has this been fixed yet? I'm digging in the DB now to find out more... Could you please help me change the default category names ordering on the homepage? Post as a guest. I have been trying to find out a way to exclude a particular category called featured from my WooCommerce shop front page which displays by show subcategories.

catalog product view ignore category

Or if you need video full body massage control, you could implement your own thing with the WordPress Walker class. Sign up or log in. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This is currently holding up a site going live. So I have a tag list that I click on which loads the page and lists products by whatever tag I clicked — like: But - the rule is appearing in cart regardless of the category of product added. Any updates on. I want to print woocommerce product subcategory. Just wondering videos deutsches muschi rasieren there is the ability to limit what state the user can pickup their order from by their billing address. There is no cross category contamination going on. Sign up using Google. Great write up, thanks for the info. I have also similar problem. Tristan-N if it something about this weddingfashionukraine sobytie goda mire svadebnoj mody, please write it here, so everyone can benefit from it. Hey Beka, we have been using shop page for awhile, and this is a redesign. Thanks a lot Iazel for your command, it helped me a lot. It should delete AND regen the url for the provided store and product. Wiki seven nine can set the visibility to hidden. Could you please provide more details - in what case you receive wrong url after import? Detailed answers to any questions you catalog product view ignore category .

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Catalog product view ignore category traveling

Stay tuned, you will be granted. I fixed the missing links through a script and know all seems to work as expected. He thinks that writing code is a lot easier than writing words.

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It's one step closer, now it's just the anchor categories having the url path issue. Errors disappear after selections are marked.